Binaural Deep Sleep is the only binaural beats app that is dedicated to sleeping.  
Choose from four original musical pieces designed around different frequencies for four unique sleep experiences.  
Binaural Deep Sleep has volume control for both the music and the beat so you can adjust to what works best for you. Some studies have shown that binaural beats work best in the background while some people prefer a louder beat and softer music.  The choice is up to you!  
Binaural Deep Sleep also allows you to raise or lower the frequency, so you can completely customize your experience.
Select a mode based on what you are trying to achieve.  
Earth - Deep Sleep:  This mode is optimized to help you achieve a deep dreamless sleep with beats ranging from 0.5 to 3.5 Hz.
Moon - REM Sleep:  Designed with the frequency mimicking brainwave oscillation achieved during REM Sleep.  Frequencies from 4.6 to 6 Hz.
Solar - Lucid Dreaming:  The frequency and music in this mode can help you achieve your lucid dreaming goals! 6 to 8 Hz
Astral - Dream Recall:  Remember your dreams or dissolve into the universal unknown.  Frequency set to 6.3 Hz with a customizable base frequency from 55 to 222 Hz.

All Music tuned to 432 Hz.

All music, art and code made by Mitch Lantz.  All sounds except Binaural Beats made with Guitar and guitar effects.

 © 2019 by Mitch lantz

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